Artist Submission Jonathan Price email: My name is Jonathan Price. I'm a self-taught illustrator from Philadelphia PA. I've dabbled in many mediums and approaches, from comics to prose writing to animated 2D game sprites, but mostly my work revolves around the underserved fantasy female of color theme. Mostly I prefer to draw strong and beautiful women in pinups and comics. I do minor freelance illustration and digital coloring for independent clients here and there but I'm seeking to do more, to rise up and become a full time artist. Attached is one of my numerous original characters, a girl named Christiana who suffers a tragic end and inherits the powers of the Grim Reaper in a fantasy world ravaged by war between angels and demons and the hapless people caught in the middle.

Zack Smith


Zack Smith was born in Washington, DC on July 14, 1989. After moving to Gainesville, Florida in his teen years, Smith went to acquire his bachelors of science degree in Computer Animation at Full Sail University in 2009. Smith broke into the video game industry as an intern at a small start-up company, Puppy Punch Productions, creating 3D props, characters and textures and later began work at Trendy Entertainment as a 3D artist where he released content for Dungeon Defenders, Dungeon Defenders Eternity and Dungeon Defenders II. His portfolio can be found at: