Artist Submission Shawn Colvin (202)437-8155 My name is Shawn Colvin. I am a Treatment Coordinator and Recovery Coach at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore city! I have been 5yrs. clean after 22yrs.of crack cocaine addiction. I also do motivational speaking, and have created a comic book about a homeless addict who discovers his inner power and potential. It is called "BLUEY KOOL". Created, written, penciled, inked, lettered, and colored by yours truly. My mission is to spread inspiration, hope, and belief in ones' self! Blessings to all!!!

Prof. Turtel Onli


Professor Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T.

Professional biography: “Father of the Black Age”

“My work has been influenced by everything and will continue to be. My focus has been to distinguish a set of concepts and design properties as a genre called Rhythmism. This adventurous intelligent contextualization would serve to take racism out of the discussion about the art derived from the Black or contemporary African experience. And focus on a future-primitive collective consciousness. Since the early 1970s I have successfully experimented with this innovation in fine and commercial art applications. Rhythmism and other innovations like it will prove to be the future of fine art. The visual arts are overdue for a true growth in its dialogue about itself. Meanwhile I have enjoyed my work.”

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